A Ride accross the colours of Romagna.

Two routes designed to magnify the sports and panoramic features of our territory.


Length: 107 km

Drop: 1.860 mt

Medio Ride is a beautiful, fast and performing route: 107 km of pure fun and breathtaking views.
Renewed in its initial and final part, it is developed along the Valconca climbing, riding on the hills until arriving and double-riding Villagrande di Montecopiolo; onto the conquer of San Leo, coming back through Montemaggio and San Marino along a ring designed for those who aim to have fun and challenge themselves.


Length: 141 km

Drop: 2.930 mt

The Ride route goes from Riccione through Romagna, Marche and the Republic of San Marino, arriving to the Cippo Carpegna to feel the breath of the legendary cyclist Marco Pantani.
It’s a demanding and adrenaline route which will put you to the test, but will give you the joy and satisfaction of having seen magical places.

MIDDLE RIDE planimetry

MIDDLE RIDE altimetry

RIDE planimetry

RIDE altimetry